Roll & Color - Letters

2.990 Ft

Spread it out, tear it off, stick it, colour it and have fun with the Roll & Color - Letters edition!

Our newest ROLL & COLOR edition is a giant coloring sheet, that offers 500 centimeters of coloring space. The practical roll, that is decorated with letters, comprises 10 continuous motives in one single unit. However, if we want to separate them, it can be easily done thanks to the perforation and the self-adhesive paper makes sure that the paper won't move or tear while coloring, moreover it can be pasted on any surface, e.g. walls, doors, floor, etc.

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The ROLL & COLOR - Letters edition provides 500 centimeters of coloring space. The sheet consists of 10 illustrations, that can be easily separated thanks to the perforation. The self-adhesive paper makes sure that the paper won't move or tear while coloring.

The so created piece of art can make a nice gift to the parents, grandparents or teachers. Thanks to the already mentioned self-adhesive paper, the separated sheet can decorate a fridge or a wall in the children's room. If needed, it can be easily removed without leaving glue-stains.

ROLL & COLOR provides huge space to the little artists, so they could realize their creatives selves, moreover, while coloring, they can improve their fine motor skills and the ability to concentrate. It's only up to them, what colors to use. There are no rules. They can use markers, crayons or coloring pencils and what is the best, they can learn numbers by coloring them. 

  • playful learning of letters while coloring
  • 500 centimeters of coloring space
  • illustrations separable thanks to the perforation
  • self-adhesive paper for the comfortable and wrinkleproof coloring
  • improvement of the fine motor and graphomotor skills
  • boosting creativity
  • convenient as individual or group activity
  • suitable for kindergartens, elementary schools, child-care facilities and households
Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.