The World of Kindergarteners 2

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"There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million."

                                                                                                                                  (Walt Streightiff)

Open the gates of the world to the little ones with the World of Kindergarteners!

Our newest editions is a guide for the smallest ones, that accompanies them on their marvellous journey of discovering the world that surrounds them. They can acquire new and strengthen the already possessed knowledge in many areas, e.g. nature (animals and plants, seasons), society (people around me, road education), culture and art (fine arts, music and musical instruments), language and communication (speech, graphomotor skills necessary for writing), and maths (numbers and relations, geometrical shapes, logic). They will learn, what colours are there on the traffic lights, what kind of food does their tummies like, and also what is different and special in each season. While working out the tasks decorated with beautiful animals and playful poems, the kindergarteners develop their fine motor skills, broaden their imagination and boost their logical thinking.

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The World of Kindergarteners workbook is designed to develop the skills of the smallest ones. 

The World of Kindergarteners 2 workbook presents an opportunity for the 3-4-year olds to learn by playing. They acquire new information step by step, with the aid of different situations and phenomena that are surrounding them on a daily basis (changing of the seasons, travelling, road education, healthy eating habits, holidays...). The workbook also contains creative tasks that develop the fine motor skills, graphomotor skills, communication and mathematic skills. The tasks they need to accomplish are written in rhymes, to catch the child's attention and to motivate them to fulfil their task (Look at the faces and try to imitate their expressions. Colour the one you succeeded to imitate.... Name the parts of the body and draw the outline of your hand to the designated part... Divide the food to the healthy ones and the ones that damage your teeth). Moreover, there are beautiful illustrations on every page, that makes the work a magical journey.

  • creative tasks that support the development of fine motor skills
  • tasks written in playful rhymes
  • development of mathematic and communication skills
  • development of logical and critical thinking, broadening the imagination
  • acquiring general knowledge regarding colours, transport, relatives, seasons, healthy lifestyle
  • the tasks form positive relation to the nature and ecology
  • colourful and attractive cover, beautiful illustrations