Magic chalks - numbers and fruits

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How to draw a pineapple, finish a strawberry or colour three apples? The Magic Chalks will teach you!

This unique edition of Magic chalks - numbers & fruits takes drawing to the next level! These board-based pages filled with colourful images and simple tasks provide happy moments full of fun. The book is complemented by four dust-free chalks. An easy and entertaining way for the little ones to discover the colourful world of numbers!

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Not recommended under the age of 3.

Number of pages: 14


Magic chalks - numbers & fruits is a special and efficient way of learning numbers, fruit and vegetables for the smallest ones.

The square shaped book is accompanied by 4 dust-free chalks, that can be used over and over again on the board-based waterproof pages. The drawings can be easily erased by using a wet cloth, so that the fun never stops.

The tasks are designed to gain mastery over writing and learn fine motor skills. Tasks focusing on writing numbers 1 to 10 are decorated by pictures with dotted outlines. Pages contain an exercise for a certain number and corresponding number of pictures, e.g. 1 - one pineapple, 3 - three apples, etc. This way the child can learn the amount that the number represents and acquire knowledge naturally. Moreover they can boost their imagination and learn some graphomotor skills. 


  • 4 dust-free chalks
  • hard and waterproof reusable pages
  • children can learn numbers and fruit through cute and simple pictures
  • teaches numbers, fruit and vegetables
  • drawing with chalk develops graphomotor skills
  • beautiful design and attractive graphics

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