Little Star 2

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Little Star 2 - Playful Graphomotorics

Waves, circles, shapes? This workbook helps the kindergarteners to prepare themselves to writing the playful way.  The exercises are great for training their hands, but also help them to learn, how to hold a pencil properly and how to draw curved lines or geometrical shapes - circles, triangles, squares.

  • usage at the kindergarten or at home
  • attractive pages with many creative additional exercises to enhance the imagination and vocabulary
  • the exercises are based on the requirements of ISCED 0
  • adequate and easy preparation to writing exercises
  • from the age of 3
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This workbook is the second part of the successful Little Star edition. These exercises are also great for children to train their hands, but also help them to learn, how to hold a pencil properly and how to draw lines and waves later. Besides fine motor skills, these exercises enhances the coordination of the movement of hands, palm and fingers, so children would be all set for handwriting. If you have already successfully acquired the skill of drawing straight and wavy lines from the Little Star 1, the Little Star 2 will improve your skills for drawing curves and different geometrical shapes - circles, triangles, squares.

Drawing different graphomotor shapes strengthens the visual-motoric coordination of children's hand, wrist and fingers, that way preparing their hands for writing without any struggles. The Little Star 2 workbook includes also exercises, that enhance imagination, enrich the vocabulary, thinking and visualisation of shapes and measures. The level of difficulty of these exercises is a little higher, e.g. children have to express a given emotion like happiness or surprise with facial gestures, count the candles on a birthday cake or come up with a story, what can a moon dream of. Thanks to the tasks focusing on graphomotorics, children can improve their creative and logical thinking, observation skills, accuracy and attention. Parents can help and encourage children in the exercises, but they are also suitable as a group activity for children at the kindergarten.

If you can solve the exercises of the Little Star 2 with ease, there is the Little Star 3 with even bigger challenges, but still with the same playful and interesting method.

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Difficulty: medium

Suitable: 3+ years

Number of pages: 100 pages