3D fun stickers MAXIpack

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There is a goat grazing on the farm. A little girl is walking in the forest amongs a doe and a rabbit. On the safari, there is an elephant, a giraffe and a lion competing against each other. Attention! Be careful with the water! A crocodile is hiding there! Far-far away, in a little house, a little girl and a little boy are having breakfast before their appointment at the doctor's office. They look out the window and what do they see? There is a smoking car in the middle of the crossroad. No worries! The policemen and firefighters are already on their way!

These 3D fun stickers provide your child with a lot of fun and broaden their imagination. It represents an innovation with reusable adhesive stickers in 6 variants - On the street, In the kitchen, Human body, Happy farm, Magic forest, Happy safari!

These cute little sets include 6 double-sided A3 sized backgrounds and dozens of reusable 3D foamstickers. Recommended to all the little explorers curious about happennings in the city, delicious food being prepared in the kitchen, what is healthy and unhealthy, which parts does our body consist of, what does a day of a doctor look like or what is the life in the wild or on the farm like.

The 3D fun stickers provide background for the stories developing in our children's minds, as they are the authors and story-tellers too. There are no limits, no rules, just the amazing childish imagination. 

Purchase all the six 3D fun sticker sets (Human Body, On the Street, In the Kitchen, Happy Farm, Happy Safari and Magic Forest) in one MAXIpack with 14% discount! 

Discover all the amazing possibilities provided by these cute 3D stickers!

Size: A4 (A3 if spread out)

Each set includes a double-sided background and dozens of stickers for magical, creative and playful moments of discovering the world. The colourful stickers are made out of a foamy material to achieve the perfect 3D effect. You can apply and remove the stickers truly easily, what's more, they don't leave glue stains. 

Quick and easy maintenance: If dirty, simply wipe the adhesive side with a wet cloth and let it dry. Do not use cleaning supplies containing alcohol, as they can damage the colour of the stickers.