Magnetic Art Case - Animal World

8.500 Ft 11.790 Ft

We are introducing the Magnetic art case - Animal world edition, which offers a huge amount of opportunities hidden in just one case.

There is an owl hooting on a tree, while a fox is sneaking around. Attention! A crocodile is watching from behind the rock, and not far from there a lion is snoozing...  What will be the next story about?

The Magnetic art case - Animal world edition includes 53 magnets, cards with patterns and a wipe-clean marker, which features a practical sponge to make the cleaning quicker and easier. This case provides space to get familiar with the exotic animals. It makes a perfect gift for all the little nature-lovers. The colourful backgrounds help to visualise unique stories built in kids' imagination.

The animals-themed magnets improve the hand-eye coordination, the inventiveness, the imagination, the logical thinking, the cognitive abilities and perception while playing.


In the Magnetic art case - Animal world, children can discover many opportunities and make up tons of stories. The magnets, the cards and the marker guarantee the space for limitless creativity. It would certainly please every kindergartener and first-grader.

  • playful and easy method of recognizing and understanding transportation
  • training of the fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • enhancing logical thinking
  • improving memory, cognitive abilities and perception
  • the colourful backgrounds provide space to making up lots of new stories
  • no rules
  • damage resistent magnetic parts
  • safe toys made out of high-quality material
  • bonus: wipe-clean board for drawing and painting
Age: 3+