Why should we brush our teeth? - blue

4.990 Ft

Is brushing your children's teeth a daily struggle? Let's make it fun!

The Why should we brush our teeth? table is a really cute and playful way of getting children to have their teeth brushed. The vivid colours and drawings enriching the instructions and the additional stickers motivate your children the brushing of their teeth to be a success. The table depicts a yearly calendar, where the stickers with teeth can be placed. For every day, that the child brushes their teeth, they get a sticker that can be placed to the calendar, thus motivating them to brush their teeth on a daily basis. 

The table is available in blue and pink colours.

Not recommended for children under the age of 3.

The table is made of firm and lasting PVC material.

Let's make brushing children's teeth they favourite game! The A3 sized table contains besides the colourful drawings and instructions how to brush your teeth the correct way also a yearly calendar, where we can place a sticker after each day, when we cleaned our teeth. The stickers depicting smiling teeth come with the table.

The Why should we brush our teeth? table was designed especially for the kindergarteners in two beautiful versions - blue and pink. Thanks to its colourful and catchy design, it can make a really great accessory to one's bathroom or children's room. 

Let's play!