Magnetic table - Count and Draw

7.510 Ft 15.990 Ft

Create beautiful pictures and practise counting with the magnetic force hidden in this magnetic table.

The Magnetic table - Count and Draw is a popular toy amongst children, as it successfully keeps them engaged. It is a mixture of several activities - learning to write numbers by following the arrows, counting, and creating different pictures born in your imagination.

The table works on the basis of magnetism. There are metal balls safely hidden inside the table, that appear just where the tip of the magnetic pen touches the table (the pen comes with the table). If you want to change the activity, you don't need any rubbers or other equipment. You can easily put the metal balls back into the table by using the other end of the pen.

The Magnetic table represents a great mixture of learning a playing. Moreover, it helps to develop the graphomotor skills of the children, and broadens their creativity and imagination.

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The Magnetic table - Count and Draw is an excellent educative toy, which helps to familiarize children with the concept of magnetism. Moreover, it helps to improve their graphomotor skills and contributes to the proper holding of a pen. In addition, the table broadens the children's creativity while creating new pictures.

The Magnetic table is perfect for kindergarteners, pre-schoolers and first-graters, but it also represents an excellent method of relaxation for adults. Playing with the Magnetic table is relieving stress.

It could easily happen, that the Magnetic table will be the new favourite toy of the whole family.

  • help in learning letters, numbers and shapes
  • great exercise to learn how to hold a pen (movements of the palm and fingers, how much force to apply on the pad while writing)
  • friendly size
  • improving fine motor and graphomotor skills
  • broadening the imagination and creativity
  • play without making any mess
  • suitable for longer trips or situations, where you want to engage your children 
  • the pen is secured to the table with a string (it wouldn't get lost)
  • perfect gift for boys, girls and adults equally :)