Magnetic puzzle pack

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Where in the body can be found the brain? What to wear to a walk in the city? Why do the cars have to stop, when the light is red? 

We are introducing the Magnetic puzzle - Human Body, Dress Up and Vehicles editions in one pack. These toys help the children to get to know and visualise different organs and body parts, pieces of clothing or elements of transportation. It also improves the hand-eye coordination, inventiveness, imagination, logical thinking, the observational, cognitive and memory skills.

The kit consists of dozens of magnets packed in a practical wooden box, which can be opened up and used as a table or used for drawing or writing. The package also includes a wipe-clean marker and a practical sponge to erase the drawings. 

The Magnetic puzzle provides an excellent impulse to create new stories and simultaneously it presents to the children the basics of anatomy, transportation and dressing up. This educational tool is suitable for children from the age of 3, but it will surely please older children too.

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Why makes Magnetic puzzle the perfect gift? 
  • easy and playful method of familiarizing children with different topics
  • training of the fine motor skills and the hand-eye coordination
  • boosts logical thinking
  • improves the memory, the cognitive and observative skills
  • encourages creative thinking
  • easy to use - there are no rules
  • damage resistant magnetic components
  • a safe toy made out of high-quality material
  • bonus: wipe-clean table for drawing and writing