Magic Pen – English Alphabet & Math

5.690 Ft

What the eyes don't see, the hands remember :) Our Magic Pen edition brings the opportunity of exercising the writing of numbers and letters over and over again. Even if the ink disappears after a while, the hands will remember the movements. 

Magic Pen is a set consisting of two magical workbooks for the little ones, who went to the path of learning languages and numbers. The pages of these special workbooks contain hollow letters and numbers to teach the correct way of writing them. The package also comprises a pen with invisible ink, that "disappears" within 30 minutes. This way the workbooks are reusable and the exercises redoable. The pen comes with 5 spare leads and one pen grip that encourages the right way of holding a pen.

Magic Pen - English Alphabet teaches the English alphabet. While they can practise writing letters on the right side of the workbook, there are some creative tasks on the left side, e.g. connecting dots, colouring pages or mazes. 

Magic Pen - Math teaches, how to write numbers 1 to 10 and how to compare them. It cannot miss some simple mathematical problems regarding addition and subtraction. In this workbook also the left pages contain mazes, colouring pages and other creative tasks.

The Magic Pen edition is a marvelous help in learning fine motor skills, concentration and hand-eye coordination.

Not recommended under the age of 3.

Size: A5
The set of Magic Pen consists of 2 workbooks (English alphabet and Maths), one special pen with invisible ink, 5 spare leads and one pen grip. Flipping through the pages is made easier thanks to the spiral binding. The workbooks are made of quality paper.

  • 3D pages with hollow letters an numbers
  • invisible ink disappearing within 30 minutes - reusable workbook!
  • simple and practical way of practising letters and numbers
  • learning hand-eye coordination and concentration
  • colourful tasks
  • bonus: 5 spare leads + a pen grip to encourage the right way of holding a pen
  • without any mess 
  • practical size that fits into a kid's backpack
  • suitable for girls and boys equally 

Test the pen on a different sheet of paper before the first use to remove the thin wax layer from the tip of the pen. These workbooks should be written into only with the attached special pen with invisible ink - do not use an ordinary pen - it can cause damage to the disappearing technology.