Magic chalks - shapes and colours

3.490 Ft

Breathe life into a snowman, make the Sun laugh or go dancing with the ladybugs? The Magic Chalks will teach you how!

This unique edition of Magic chalks - shapes & colours takes drawing to the next level! These board-based pages filled with colourful images and simple tasks provide happy moments full of fun. The book is complemented by four dust-free chalks. An easy and entertaining way for the little ones to discover the colourful world around them!

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Not recommended under the age of 3.

Number of pages: 14


Magic chalks - shapes & colours is a special and efficient way of learning colours and shapes for the smallest ones.

The square shaped book is accompanied by 4 dust-free chalks, that can be used over and over again on the board-based waterproof pages. The drawings can be easily erased by using a wet cloth, so that the fun never stops.

The tasks are designed to gain mastery over writing and learn fine motor skills. They teach shapes and colours the fun way (ladybug = oval body, red colour). This way the child can learn naturally. Moreover they can boost their imagination and learn some graphomotor skills - draw dots to the ladybugs back, draw a house to the snail, draw some rays to the sun or draw a red roof to the house. 


  • 4 dust-free chalks
  • hard and waterproof reusable pages
  • children can learn numbers and fruit through cute and simple pictures
  • teaches numbers, fruit and vegetables
  • drawing with chalk develops graphomotor skills
  • beautiful design and attractive graphics