Happy toys

2.290 Ft


Improve the fine motor skills and the artistic flair :) even of the smallest ones!

The Happy toys workbook is part of our newest colourful edition, which is designed to the children from the age of 2.

You can find 25 animal patterns on 25 quality pages with colour guide to facilitate the process of the first colouring. The motives have a bold outline to make it easier for the smallest ones to train their motor skills and the ability to stay in line. You can paint with whatever you want, let it be pencils, markers or crayons. The top of the pages is perforated - that way it is easy to tear them out, so the child can focus on one task at a time. Also, the great artists need great space - therefore the top-opening A4 format.

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Format: A4
Number of pages: 25
Age: 2+


Discover the extraordinary Happy toys workbook, already for the 2-year-olds! The 25 boldly outlined motives support the child's fine motor skills and the ability to stay in line. Each motive is on a separate page of great quality, to avoid wrinkling and tearing. Thanks to the perforation on top, the tear-out pages make easy for sharing, or you can save them from the great storms of creativity :) 

Advantages of the Happy toys workbook:
  • 25 easy, colourable shapes
  • bold outlines to manipulate with the picture easily
  • one motive per page - the child is not distracted by other pictures
  • large space to colour - format A4
  • you can tear out pages thanks to the perforation
  • the quality pages are more wrinkle and tear-resistant