Discover Science - reusable stickers

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What can we find in space? What do bacteria look like under the microscope? What is a planet inhabited by robots like? Did you know, which types of garbage can be recycled? 

We are introducing the reusable stickers - an innovation with a continuously increasing popularity. There is no wonder, since they provide entertainment and also improvement of children's fine motor skills and space awareness.

The Discover Science sticker set contains 4 colourful A4 sized backgrounds and more than 200 thematic stickers. It will definitely please every little explorer, who would love to explore space, discover the secrets of the robot planet or take a look into the microscope, to examine bacteria.

The Discover Science presents the world of reusable stickers, which can take you every time into another adventure. The best about it is, that the child creates these adventures on their own - there is no need for anything, just the pure childish imagination.

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Size: A4


The Discover Science sticker set provides excellent entertainment for pre-schoolers and first-graders too. Each package contains 4 colourful backgrounds, more than 200 stickers, which can be applied and replaced over and over again, without glue stains.

Benefits of the Discover Science:
  • perfect education tool
  • reusable stickers providing space to limitless amount of new stories
  • improves fine motor skills, imagination, logical thinking, concentration and space awareness of children
  • the colourful background enhances story-creation
  • enhances communication, interactivity and bonding (as the child tells a fictional story to their parents, grandparents...)
  • no rules
  • mastering and improving reading skills thanks to the "reading" of fictional stories from stickers
  • for girls and boys equally
  • excellent activity on trips, at the doctor's lobby or even in the car
  • no mess
Not for children under 3 years old.