Big block 2

3.670 Ft

Draw, create, dream BIG! Let's please our little artists with a Big block!

We are introducing the unique, large-format Big block workbook series, which provide the ideal conditons to the smallest ones to train and improve their fine motor skills.

The Big block 2 workbook contains 50 pages of activities, to improve their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, graphomotor skills and concentration (trace the lines, grid drawing...).

These workbooks are language-neutral (children logically figure out the task), therefore improving their logical thinking and boosting their imagination.

The Big blocks can be used almost everywhere - every workbook has an oval hole on the top, functionning as a handle, so that the little artist could take their equipment everywhere they go, let it be the kindergarten or a doctor's lobby. Do you need to go on a longer trip by car? No problem! Thanks to the hard pad on the bottom of the workbook, children can play with it nearly everywhere. Each of the 50 pages can be torn out, so the Big block can engage several children simultaneously or you can save the drawing for the future.

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Age: 3 years and above

Pages: 50 pages of A3 format


The Big Block 2 is part of our Big blocks series, in which we combined all the important elements for the proper development of a child's graphomotor skills.

Large-format (A3) - did you know, why do children love drawing on the walls so much? Teachers agree on the fact, that in order to develop proper fine motor and graphomotor skills, the working space of the child should not be limited, or just minimally. The large A3 format supports their hands, elbows and fingers while working on their tasks or while decorating the pages with their own little doodles. 

Having fun anywhere, at any time - every workbook of the Big block series has a handle on the top for better handling. The workbook also contains a hard pad on the last page, that makes playing with the book easy even in the park or in the car. Perforation at the top of the pages presents a great advantage, thanks to which the pages can be torn out gradually, therefore avoiding scribbling. :)

Colourful tasks focused on graphomotor skills - follow the dotted line, draw loops, waves, squares, rectangles, finish the drawings, draw the outlines and colour them. The various tasks ensure the engagement even of the most demanding little artists.

1 page, 1 task - children are not distracted by many tasks at once, they can focus on one task at a time.

Language-neutral - there are no texts in the workbook, so even those children can deal with them easily, who cannot read yet. Thanks to the neutral language, these workbooks make ideal presents even for friends living abroad.

The edition's advantages:

  • a hole on the top to facilitate the workbook's handling
  • bigger working space to train the muscles necessary to the proper development of graphomotor skills
  • tasks adjusted to the proper development of graphomotor skills and children's concentration - trace the lines, drawing different shapes (loops, waves, rectangles, circles)
  • increasing difficulty from Big block 1 to Big block 3
  • boosting imagination with tasks like finish the drawing and colouring
  • perforated pages make easy to tear them out and make the child to concentrate on just one task at a time
  • the impressive design and the colourful illustrations catch every child's attention and motivate them to perform their tasks
  • the hard pad facilitates playing
  • neutral language, so the child can figure out the tasks on their own, therefore the edition can be used internationally

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Melinda B.
Blocks 3

Meg vagyok vele elégedve, megfelel a kisovodás kislányomnak.

Brigitta K.
Gyors kiszállítás és nagyon jó minősèg!

Az biztos, hogy nem először rendeltem. Kislányom odáig van a foglalkoztató füzeteitekért.