3D fun stickers

Vidám történetek 3D matricákkal

February 22, 2022

Fun with 3D stickers - because every child loves stickers... especially if they are re-sticking!

These 3D fun stickers provide your child lot of fun and broaden their imagination. It represents an innovation with reusable adhesive stickers set in a Happy farm, Happy safari, and Magical forest!

This cute little set includes a double-sided A3 sized colourful background and dozens of reusable 3D foam stickers. Recommended to all the little explorers and animal lovers, who would love to know, what is happening on a wild safari, a farm or in a magical forest.

The 3D fun stickers provide background for the stories developping in our children's minds, as they are the authors and story-tellers too. There are no limits, no rules, just the amazing childish imagination. 

The colourful stickers are made out of a foamy material to achieve the perfect 3D effect. You can apply and remove the stickers truly easily, what's more, they don't leave glue stains. 

Why are 3D fun stickers - Happy safari, Happy farm and Magical forest the best present or reward?  
  • kids love stickers. Especially those, which are not fixed "in one place" and can be replaced over and over again. This way each playing time can have its own new story
  • the stickers are reusable and don't leave glue stains
  • forest-themed double-sided background provides ground for infinite number of stories
  • excellent help to improve fine motor skills, visual imagination, fantasy and spatial awareness
  • supports the interaction between parents and their kids
  • the set includes a specially sturdy sheet, so there is no risk of losing stickers
  • excellent playing time at home or on the roads