NEW! - Talking posters

ÚJDONSÁG! - Interaktív poszterek

February 22, 2022

What is the key to the successful English learning? The interactivity! We are introducing our talking posters, with which learning English is a piece of cake. Learning has never been so easy and so much fun.

The Talking Poster - English ABC and Human Body represent an innovation in foreign-language learning. Both posters are sized 41 × 55,5 cm. The ABC poster contains 26 buttons depicting letters of the ABC and numbers from 1 to 10. The Human Body poster has a cute animated human body in the middle, presenting bones, muscles and internal organs, with 18 buttons around depicting body organs. 

The posters react to touch - if you push any button, the posters will play a recording linked to the given button recorded by a native English speaker person. The recording depends on the chosen mode. The English ABC has 8 modes (Letters & Numbers, Find Words, Spelling Quiz, Spell, Study, Follow, Repeat, Music), the Human Body 5 modes (Default Mode, Learn Fun Facts, Quiz Mode, Guess Mode, Music) to choose from.

What are the benefits of the Talking Posters for children?

  • it helps to acquire knowledge about the human body and its parts in English from early age
  • it enriches the vocabulary, improves the pronunciation and listening skills
  • it improves the children's language and speaking skills and other skills necessary for language learning
  • it enhances the concentration, improves fine motor and analytical skills
  • children can learn on their own without adult supervision

Benefits for parents:

  • nice touch, high-quality material, that is gentle to the children's fingers and the environment
  • practical format, that can be hanged on the wall (a screwdriver and a loop included)
  • unique sound setting - without redundant noise
  • safety and complex - there are no little falling objects
  • perfect gift for every occasion

The Talking Posters are waterproof, resistant to tear and other mechanical damage. If not needed, easily roll up the product and put it back to its original package.

You can forget about the television, the tablet and other technical gadgets. The Talking Poster - English ABC and Human Body will take their place and become your child's favourite toy for playing and learning simultaneously!

Warning: Read the instructions carefully before using the product. Before the first use, put in the batteries (3 × AAA batteries). The batteries are not included.