Welcome to the Yoopy!

Üdvözöljük a Yoopy webáruházban!

February 22, 2022

Dive in to the world of colours and fantasy! Let us introduce you our Yoopy e-shop!

The funny way of learning that the Yoopy represents focuses on the children from the age of 2. Every Yoopy product is the result of our creators' devoted work, who compile them with special attention to children's needs. Every product aims to develop their skills (e.g. fine motor skills, graphomotor skills, counting and learning English), general knowledge, child's curiosity and their desire to discover. These editions are unique and educative thanks to accessories like re-sticking stickers, disappearing ink or other interactive functions.

Yoopy does not leave out of the fun anybody! We offer products to the 2 year olds (Happy workbooks), just like to the kindergarteners (3-4) (Big Block edition, Fun 3D Stickers, Little Star edition, interactive posters) and, of course, we cannot forget about the adults too, for whom we present our unique Keep Calm anti-stress colouring books.

The fun with Yoopy has no limits, let it be at home, on a trip or even in the lobby before an appointment (the products are portable, some of them are equipped with a hard back). That way the whole family can enjoy their time together.

Discover all the advantages of the Yoopy products, to make learning easy and fun to all of our little treasures!